What’s nearby

Would you like to play sport or are you a culture and food enthusiast?
In the area around the Principino Country Resort you can find everything you desire; various kinds of sports can be played, like golf and mountain biking, and typical wine and produce tastings can be organised that will satisfy both body and spirit.

The Leonardo Museum
Discover the history and inventions of the great genius Leonardo Da Vinci.
Golf Bellosguardo
Green hills where you can relax playing golf, discover Golf Bellosguardo in Vinci
Tennis Vinci
Play tennis in an area near the Principino Country Resort
Bella Vista Equestrian Centre
Organise horseback riding excursions to relax during your stay at the Principino Country Resort

Historic towns and cities

Organise excursions or visit historic towns near the Principino Country Resort, discover the history of Tuscan towns and cities for a culturally enriched holiday

A seductive city of ancient origins, Pistoia is a place that will amaze lovers of art and tradition. Poets and writers have extolled the charm of what they have dubbed the "enchanted city of stone" and the "city of wide streets and beautiful churches", and indeed, the centre offers visitors the chance to follow an itinerary filled with churches, cloisters, palaces, and monuments that revolve around one of the most fascinating squares in Italy, Piazza del Duomo. Not to mention the tiny hamlets, parish churches and fortified castles of striking beauty found on the outskirts of the city.
An essential stop on a trip to Tuscany has always been Pisa and its Piazza dei Miracoli with the Leaning Tower. Discovering Pisa means to lose yourself among the squares populated by students who crowd the nightspots, keeping the medieval city alive, and you can spend pleasurable evenings sitting at the tables of the bars in Piazza delle Vettovaglie or Piazza della Pera. As you move through the alleys and along the Lungarni, you will discover architectural gems such as Santa Maria della Spina, the headquarters of the Scuola Normale in Piazza dei Cavalieri.
Pisa is not just a historical centre, but also an unexpected opportunity to discover the nature surrounding the city, starting from the Natural Park of Migliarino, San Rossore and Massaciuccoli that extends along the coast from Viareggio to Livorno.
Whoever intends visiting Tuscany must always come to Florence: the city of the lily is a treasure trove of artistic treasures and a centre of fervid vitality. In addition to the exceptional heritage of art, testimony to its centuries-old civilisation, you can also admire Florence while strolling at sunset along the enchanting Lungarni, wandering through the bohemian alleyways of the Oltrarno district, or getting lost in the narrow alleyways of San Niccolò, where a walk along the ancient walls will take you back to another era.
Two thousand years of the city's history can be retraced every day in the streets of Lucca. Get ready to discover a city of a thousand faces and a thousand tales, with a fascinating and evocative atmosphere.
A walk through the streets and alleys will take you back centuries, in the history of a city of people and lords, of piazzas and narrow streets, of gardens and orchards, of music and sounds.